How to Get Zorua

Before I even began playing this game, I decided I NEEDED to have Zorua/Zoroark. I found online that I could get it by transferring over my Celebi from SoulSilver. Good to know. However, as you guys probably know, you can’t transfer previous gen Pokémon until you get the National Dex, after beating the game.

But I heard rumors online that there was a special method you could use to transfer Celebi over before that. It’s kind of complicated, but I eventually figured it out and got my Zorua. There weren’t very good instructions anywhere online, so I’ve posted how I did it, with thanks to for the initial directions.


1. Go to Castelia City and run through it until you get near the exit. In the little stretch of road after the park but before the gate, there a couple houses you can enter. In one of them, there’s a man (a Scientist) who will ask you for a phrase.

2. Give him these words: EVERYONE HAPPY SIMPLE CONNECTION. Now you’ve unlocked the Pokémon Relocator. This can be used to transfer over promotional Pokémon (i.e. Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and Celebi).

3. Save your game and exit to the main screen (of the game, not your DS). There’s a new option called the Pokémon Relocator. Now you need to find a friend with a DS and give them your SoulSilver/HeartGold version with any of the three legendary dogs or Celebi (I’ve heard the dogs work, but I’ve only tried Celebi).

4. Have them click on the Download Play in the DS menu after you choose the Pokémon Relocator. This should transfer your Celebi.

5. Go to the Pokémon Center and receive the Pokémon from the messenger.

6. Find the building with the girl telling the story of Zorua to a boy. If you bring Celebi along, the boy will be revealed to be Zorua! Remember, you must have Celebi in your party, and you have to have a pokeball as well.

Hope that helps (and that it was more interesting and informational than Obama’s speech).

Next Time: Third Gym Battle: Or, Burgh’s Creepy Honeycomb Labyrinth

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~ by astarakki on April 14, 2011.

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