Third Gym Battle, Or Burgh’s Creepy Honeycomb Labyrinth

Before I get to Burgh’s gym, I find out that Bianca’s had a Pokémon stolen AGAIN.


It’s the same Pokémon, too. Man, if I were that Pokémon I would hate her right now. You know you’re weak when Team Plasma grunts can beat up on you. But one grunt stupidly comes back to the scene of the crime, and thus begins a quick chase scene.

Turns out Team Plasma has a headquarters RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE GYM.



 It’s like playing an FPS where the only thing your AI is good at is being a meat shield. Perhaps I’m expecting too much…

 Anyways, after those tiring shenanigans, I finally get to take on Burgh. The trend of fancy gyms continues, only this one is kind of… creepy. It’s a giant honeycomb and to get to the various sections you have to walk through walls of honey that make a weird noise but magically leave no honey on you.

 I don’t want to know. I really don’t.

Thankfully I have Zorua to help me fight Burgh, because Salazar is weak to bug Pokémon. Zorua basically fights the whole battle for me. Speaking of which, Burgh is tougher than he looks. I still hate his design, but at least he’s not a complete fruit loop.  

Okay, so my poor team planning skills made me wonder, what Pokémon do you guys have on your teams? Do you plan your teams before you play or do you just pick up Pokémon before you go? And, for those of you who have beaten the game, what was your winning team? I like to hear what combinations work well for others—I tend to pick Pokémon based on whether or not I like their design. How do you pick yours?

NEXT TIME: 40 Days in the Desert and FerrisWheelShipping

CURRENT TEAM: Image Belongs to Nintendo Image Belongs to Nintendo


~ by astarakki on April 20, 2011.

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