40 Days in the Desert and FerrisWheelShipping

Well, as soon as I leave Castelia City my friends are clamoring for a battle again. They each have four Pokémon this time. It doesn’t really matter that much. However, now that I have Zorua, I don’t have to be so nervous about Cheren’s Pignite. (It’s kind of an unreasonable fear since my Servine is a much higher level, but the fire pig could still get lucky…)

Afterwards, I spend some time in the desert. A LOT of time in the desert. It’s not that it’s that big (though it is pretty big), it’s that stupid sandstorm.

I’m not sure how you guys feel about weather conditions in battle, but I HATE THEM. They don’t do enough damage to really affect the battle; all they do is make it take twice as long. I know they’re a strategy in trainer vs. trainer battles, but couldn’t there be an option to turn them off during regular game play? It’s like adding an extra, useless third trainer.

Okay, end rant. Though the desert takes a while, there are some pretty cool Pokémon there (Darumaka, Sigilyph, and Sandile, to name a few). And I hear the Relic Castle is significant later. For now, it’s just a bunch of quicksand.

Once I get to Nimbasa City, the real fun begins.



Did anyone else get that vibe? He takes you up on the ferris wheel (by force) and says some pretty romantic things. (Side note: this must be awkward for male players, as I hear the dialogue is the same). That little scene made my day, and introduced me to the wonderful world of…


Check out Suikuro's deviantart! More awesome fanart there!

Otherwise known as the N and White/Touko pairing, which is SUPER ADORABLE. (I can’t help my excitement—I look a lot like the female lead). Seriously, check out some of these sites. PURE SQUEE

Oh yeah, I have to battle N, too. And you know what? I think he keeps changing his Pokémon team. I actually like that. It keeps me on my toes.

I kind of wonder what happens to his old Pokémon, though…

NEXT TIME: Fourth Gym Battle, Or More Amusement Park Rides

CURRENT TEAM: Image Belongs to Nintendo  Image Belongs to Nintendo

~ by astarakki on April 21, 2011.

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