5 Best Gen V Pokemon (Design-wise)

Okay, a break from our regular scheduled programming to bring you a philosophical diatribe on the merits of Pokémon based on their external design. OR EVERYONE LOVES LISTS ABOUT WHICH POKEMON ARE THE BEST.

Everybody’s got opinions about the Gen V Pokémon. I happen to think most of them are pretty cool looking—certainly overall better than the last generation or so. And, like everyone else, I have my favorites. I tend to choose my favorites mostly on whether or not I think they look cool (or cute or whatever). But a bit of it is whether or not I can use them effectively. (Most Pokémon aren’t completely useless, but you have to have the right team to support them.)

So, without further to do, my five favorite Gen V Pokémon, in no particular order.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of Chandelure—it’s very elegant and mysterious (I also love the noises it makes!)



So I like dragons. Shoot me. But Zekrom’s pretty cool looking, with the electric blue lines running down its body and the generator butt. Also it lacks the strange phallic thing between Reshiram’s legs. *shudders*

  1. ZORUA


It’s so adorable, and I have a soft spot for canines. Its Illusion ability is more useful in PvP, but it’s a fun trick any way you look at it.



Jellyfish yay! Amazing type combination here, especially considering Frillish’ special abilities (Cursed Body or Water Absorb). Makes it impossible to damage for quite a few types.



Just look at it. It’s a giant flower flame volcano bug thing.  

…and one Pokémon I ABHOR:



Was almost physically sick when I first saw it. Still gotta close my eyes whenever I have to battle it.

So, what do you guys think? Am I am completely crazy? And what are your favorite Gen V Pokémon? How to you choose your favorites? I WANNA KNOW


~ by astarakki on April 29, 2011.

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