Museums and Monster Skulls

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Alright! Second Gym Battle! I was a little surprised that Nintendo put in a gym leader who uses Normal-type Pokémon. Not that I’m not grateful for it… (I looked ahead and let’s just say that maybe I picked the wrong starter). The battle itself was uneventful, even though I still only have my starter Pokémon, but the design of the gym itself was pretty cool.

Since when do we get to do puzzles—albeit easy ones—before we get to the leader?

And I don’t mean the standard figure-out-how-to-move-from-one-ice-floor-to-another type puzzle. It was a word puzzle. Also, the gym itself was in the back of a museum, and a lot more fun (visually) than I’m used to. Once again, I hope this trend continues. It breaks up the monotony of useless gym trainers.

Anyways, after beating gym leader Lenora I walk out and find that Team Plasma has stolen a fossil skull from the museum. I also meet the third gym leader, Burgh. My response?


What is this, Nintendo? Have you run out of clothes designs? A butterfly belt buckle? REALLY?

 Original Image Belongs to Nintendo

Whatever, fine. Maybe he won’t be so bad. *shudders*

Thankfully, there is a nice surprise waiting for me in the forest as I chase after Team Plasma. Half way through the forest, when Salazar is low on HP and poisoned, I run into a nurse. Granted, I have to battle her first, but then she heals my Pokémon. No more running back and forth to a Pokémon Center.


Well, I go through a lot of Team Plasma grunts to get the skull back only to find out it wasn’t the right one. SORRY GHETSIS, YOUR STONE IS IN ANOTHER GYM or something like that.

Well, at least I got a bunch of EXP.

NEXT TIME: The First of Many Giant Bridges and a New Pokémon

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Does Anyone Think Team Plasma Looks Like Templars?

•March 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

Seriously. I read somewhere that their design really was based off of the Knights Templar. Which is cool. However, after playing hours upon hours of Assassin’s Creed and its sequels, I am programmed to kill Templars on sight.

Good thing they’re the bad guys in this game, too. Because every time I see them I want to do this:

 Picture Belongs to Ubisoft

Except with Pokémon.

Thankfully, after beating the first gym I got a chance to do just that. Team Plasma stole one of Bianca’s Pokémon, and so I was called upon to beat them down. This was not hard to do (is it ever?)

I’ve always wondered what would happen if they decided not to back off after I’d beaten their Pokémon. Technically they could still do whatever they wanted because they had superior numbers and strength. (Can anyone think of a time when beating them in a Pokémon battle didn’t send them running?)

Anyways, after I help out Bianca I get about two more steps only to find that ANOTHER Pokémon has been stolen by Team Plasma. This time Cheren tags along to help—I’m beginning to like him. He was a bit of a challenge to battle and I don’t have to babysit him.

Then I get to Nacrene City, which has a really neat artist vibe to it. One thing I’ve really appreciated in the last couple generations of Pokémon is the effort put in to differentiate between towns/cities. It’s nice when they don’t all look the same. (It’s also easier to remember where things are at.) So far, White doesn’t disappoint.

I get another battle with my beloved N outside the gym. He says some cryptic things and then I slam his Pokémon into the ground. Strangely, he doesn’t seem dissuaded in the least.

He’s so different from the usual stock rival/megalomaniac. It’s actually very refreshing. I can’t seem to quite think of him as an antagonist or a bad person. This is a new level of character depth for a Pokémon game—I hope it continues.

NEXT TIME: Museums and Monster Skulls

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First Gym Battle: Or, I Hate Monkeys

•March 24, 2011 • 2 Comments

So as soon as I leave my house I get pulled along to Bianca’s, where she gets chewed out by her dad about going on our Pokémon journey. I kind of feel like I have to take his side, because, I don’t know, SHE’S LIKE FOURTEEN! I mean, where do we sleep? Who does our laundry and feeds us? What if we get sick? Whatever. None of that matters—it would be a hassle to have to do it in-game anyways.

 After sliding over to the newest Professor, Juniper, to get my PokeDex, I run over to Route 1 and start doing what I do best—GRINDING. I am of the opinion that the Pokémon games are 25% willpower and 75% brute strength. Therefore I forbid myself from traveling any further than the first patch of tall grass until my Pokémon is level 10.

 I’ve always wondered something. Since I just knocked out like fifty Pokémon, wouldn’t their unconscious bodies form a river of carnage behind me? I like to think so…

When I get to the next town, Accumula, there seems to be a mob. Some old guy who’s clearly stolen Seymour’s hair style speaks to the crown about Pokémon liberation.

Then he and the Knights Templar leave and I’m approached by this green-haired kid, N. ME GUSTA.

Yes, okay, I’m 22, but whatever. That doesn’t stop me from destroying his cat, though. I hate cats. After we battle, I make an uneventful journey to the next town, once again leaving a trail of bodies—and some crying kids, two of whom are Bianca and Cheren—in my wake.

 Apparently, there are THREE gym leaders here, and I have to fight the stupidest one, who also happens to use a FIRE MONKEY. I hate monkeys. And this gym leader kind of looks like a monkey. So fine, COME AT ME BRO.

 Let’s just say that grinding serves me well. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have the type advantage.

NEXT TIME: Meet the Templars—I mean Team Plasma: Or, Didn’t I Have to Assassinate them in Some Other Game?!

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The Adventure Begins

•March 23, 2011 • 2 Comments

Like some of you guys, I spent the week before the U.S. release of Black and White plotting (dreaming) my winning team and planning an early run to GameStop to beat the crowds of eager fans I was sure would be in line.

These dreams were CRUELLY and VICIOUSLY popped.

First of all, I got to GameStop a half hour early. No one was there. No one was there for a really long time. In fact, at about five to the hour, two little boys and their moms showed up. Then a couple middle schoolers or something. Of course I shoved them aside and ran in (ladies first and all).

Secondly, as I flipped through the guide after getting home (and maybe a glance or two while driving) I discovered that EVERY ONE OF MY CHOSEN TEAM was unavailable until at least after the third gym.

No problem, I said, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Now, I don’t know how some of you feel about the starters this time around, but there was really only one choice for me. That snaky thing. I mean, the final evolutions of FirePig and ClownOtter are kind of cool, but I don’t think my stomach can take thirty levels of butt…

After choosing the snake (SALAZAR) I had to fight my friends. I REFUSE TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WEARING THOSE GODAWFUL TIGHTS. Cheren was fine, but Bianca…can’t even pull a pokeball out of her bag. PUHLEASE! Stop insulting me, Nintendo.

I was initially worried they would beat me (I thought I had to fight them both in a row without healing), thankfully as soon as Salazar’s health got low the friends switched to the ol’ growl/leer combo. Because, ya know, it would be awfully shaming to lose your first fight(s).

I could tell immediately that Bianca would pose no trouble for me in the future. But Cheren…especially if I had to fight with only Salazar for a while. Nothing a little grinding won’t fix.

NEXT TIME: First Gym Battle: Or I Hate Monkeys