The Pokemon Sites You Need To Visit

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Pokémon’s an easy enough game series that you can play through it yourself with no problem. But you would seriously miss out on a lot of great stuff if you just did that. Here’s a little advice—check out some of the online resources. They will really enrich your playing experience.

With that in mind, I’ve made of list of three sites that have really been helpful to me, both as a serious trainer and a casual gamer. Check out one or all three, your choice. But really, check at least one out.


For Serious Gamers:

Wondering how to build a Trick Room Gigalith? Not sure where you should put your Zekrom’s EVs? Need to know what moves to teach your Glaceon?Smogon University is the site for you.

Seriously, this site is pretty intense. It’s a great place to find builds for your competitive teams and see what the competition is using. It’s the first place I check when I’m training and EV team.

(For those of you who don’t know what EVs are, check out the explanation here).

According to Smogon, they’re a “website and community specializing in the art of competitive battling.” They have A TON of resources to help to plot out and build your team in addition to competitions you can participate in. Definitely a huge resource for an really serious trainer.


For Casual Gamers:, hands down. This site has a ridiculous amount of stuff on it, covering pretty much every facet of Pokémon. They’ve got a hugely detailed Pokedex and a really useful team building mechanism that lets your know your team’s overall weaknesses and strengths.

If you need to know something, you’ll find it on Serebii.


For Everyone:

Everyone needs to laugh, right? Nuzlocke is a hilarious webcomic that started as one gamer’s challenge to himself and evolved into a huge phenomenon.

The challenge? 1. Fainted Pokemon must be released. 2. Only one Pokemon can be caught per area.

The comic? Priceless. Don’t read it in class.

Why Loving Japan isn’t Wrong

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Okay, this post is a bit more serious. I wanted to address something that’s been in the news a lot and that I’ve heard a lot of controversy on. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, it’s the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear power plant problem inJapan.

I’m a frequent visitor of (it’s my home page, actually), and right after the quake, all sorts of art popped up expressing support and grief forJapan. Pretty much right away people started complaining. You’ve probably heard it, right? “You just care because that’s where you get your [insert fandom here] from, you weaboo,” or some other similar sentiment.

As a video game and anime fan,Japanis pretty close to my heart. And I’ll admit, one of the first things I thought about (besides the safety of my close friend there and the Japanese people in general) was whether or not my favorite mangaka were safe and whether they’d get a chance to finish their stories.

I think both sides have valid points—it’s right for me to care about Japanbecause I have personal connections to it, but it’s also right that it’s wrong to care about Japanonly because of my personal connections to it.

But the reality is this: there will always be countries (and people and animals and things) that we are more attached to than others. I love Americabest, cuz that’s where I live. I love my friends and my dog best, because I see them every day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I love other countries and people and dogs less.

The wonderful thing about love is this: you don’t ever have to run out of it. There won’t ever be a cap to how many people I can love.

So yes, I am more concerned for Japanthan I might be concerned for another country. I would be even more concerned for America. That is the nature of being attached to things. But that doesn’t make my love any less valid, it doesn’t make me a terrible person, and most importantly, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t care as much if it was another country.

We all need to learn to love more, and condemning people for caring any amount is not the way to do it.  


5 Best Gen V Pokemon (Design-wise)

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Okay, a break from our regular scheduled programming to bring you a philosophical diatribe on the merits of Pokémon based on their external design. OR EVERYONE LOVES LISTS ABOUT WHICH POKEMON ARE THE BEST.

Everybody’s got opinions about the Gen V Pokémon. I happen to think most of them are pretty cool looking—certainly overall better than the last generation or so. And, like everyone else, I have my favorites. I tend to choose my favorites mostly on whether or not I think they look cool (or cute or whatever). But a bit of it is whether or not I can use them effectively. (Most Pokémon aren’t completely useless, but you have to have the right team to support them.)

So, without further to do, my five favorite Gen V Pokémon, in no particular order.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of Chandelure—it’s very elegant and mysterious (I also love the noises it makes!)



So I like dragons. Shoot me. But Zekrom’s pretty cool looking, with the electric blue lines running down its body and the generator butt. Also it lacks the strange phallic thing between Reshiram’s legs. *shudders*

  1. ZORUA


It’s so adorable, and I have a soft spot for canines. Its Illusion ability is more useful in PvP, but it’s a fun trick any way you look at it.



Jellyfish yay! Amazing type combination here, especially considering Frillish’ special abilities (Cursed Body or Water Absorb). Makes it impossible to damage for quite a few types.



Just look at it. It’s a giant flower flame volcano bug thing.  

…and one Pokémon I ABHOR:



Was almost physically sick when I first saw it. Still gotta close my eyes whenever I have to battle it.

So, what do you guys think? Am I am completely crazy? And what are your favorite Gen V Pokémon? How to you choose your favorites? I WANNA KNOW

Fourth Gym Battle, Or More Amusement Park Rides

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Well, after my little date with N, I march off to win my fourth gym badge against the electric-type user, Elesa. Of all the gym leaders in Unova, I actually like her design best. The others grew on me, but Elesa I liked right from the start. Where can I get me some of those headphones, hmm?

 Image Belongs to Nintendo

I didn’t have the ideal team to be fighting her, but with a little grinding she was pretty easy. For my friend Kaleb however, it was a different story. Three of his four Pokémon were weak to Flying or Electric and the other, a Ground type, was useless BECAUSE EMOLGA HAS IMMUNITY TO GROUND. AASDASDFASFASD

It looks cute–

Image belongs to Nintendo

but don’t let it fool you!

I KNOW he’s not the only one who had this problem, however, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this blog post. It pretty much sums it up:

In general, these f***ing things were designed to make you tear your hair out, swear profusely at your DS, and to rage-eject the game cartridge before running it over with your car. Add to this the annoying strategy they employ with the Gym Leader (Double Team, then Aerial Ace in case you try the same, and Volt Change to GTFO to Zebstrika when the going gets too tough).

Needless to say I laughed for about the next week straight because both Emolgas went down in one hit for me. CAN’T VOLT SWITCH IF THERE’S NOTHING TO SWITCH TO!

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling

I might sound mean-spirited, but I’m just relieved to know I’m not the only one who ran afoul of poor team choices.



NEXT TIME: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

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40 Days in the Desert and FerrisWheelShipping

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Well, as soon as I leave Castelia City my friends are clamoring for a battle again. They each have four Pokémon this time. It doesn’t really matter that much. However, now that I have Zorua, I don’t have to be so nervous about Cheren’s Pignite. (It’s kind of an unreasonable fear since my Servine is a much higher level, but the fire pig could still get lucky…)

Afterwards, I spend some time in the desert. A LOT of time in the desert. It’s not that it’s that big (though it is pretty big), it’s that stupid sandstorm.

I’m not sure how you guys feel about weather conditions in battle, but I HATE THEM. They don’t do enough damage to really affect the battle; all they do is make it take twice as long. I know they’re a strategy in trainer vs. trainer battles, but couldn’t there be an option to turn them off during regular game play? It’s like adding an extra, useless third trainer.

Okay, end rant. Though the desert takes a while, there are some pretty cool Pokémon there (Darumaka, Sigilyph, and Sandile, to name a few). And I hear the Relic Castle is significant later. For now, it’s just a bunch of quicksand.

Once I get to Nimbasa City, the real fun begins.



Did anyone else get that vibe? He takes you up on the ferris wheel (by force) and says some pretty romantic things. (Side note: this must be awkward for male players, as I hear the dialogue is the same). That little scene made my day, and introduced me to the wonderful world of…


Check out Suikuro's deviantart! More awesome fanart there!

Otherwise known as the N and White/Touko pairing, which is SUPER ADORABLE. (I can’t help my excitement—I look a lot like the female lead). Seriously, check out some of these sites. PURE SQUEE

Oh yeah, I have to battle N, too. And you know what? I think he keeps changing his Pokémon team. I actually like that. It keeps me on my toes.

I kind of wonder what happens to his old Pokémon, though…

NEXT TIME: Fourth Gym Battle, Or More Amusement Park Rides

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Third Gym Battle, Or Burgh’s Creepy Honeycomb Labyrinth

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Before I get to Burgh’s gym, I find out that Bianca’s had a Pokémon stolen AGAIN.


It’s the same Pokémon, too. Man, if I were that Pokémon I would hate her right now. You know you’re weak when Team Plasma grunts can beat up on you. But one grunt stupidly comes back to the scene of the crime, and thus begins a quick chase scene.

Turns out Team Plasma has a headquarters RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE GYM.



 It’s like playing an FPS where the only thing your AI is good at is being a meat shield. Perhaps I’m expecting too much…

 Anyways, after those tiring shenanigans, I finally get to take on Burgh. The trend of fancy gyms continues, only this one is kind of… creepy. It’s a giant honeycomb and to get to the various sections you have to walk through walls of honey that make a weird noise but magically leave no honey on you.

 I don’t want to know. I really don’t.

Thankfully I have Zorua to help me fight Burgh, because Salazar is weak to bug Pokémon. Zorua basically fights the whole battle for me. Speaking of which, Burgh is tougher than he looks. I still hate his design, but at least he’s not a complete fruit loop.  

Okay, so my poor team planning skills made me wonder, what Pokémon do you guys have on your teams? Do you plan your teams before you play or do you just pick up Pokémon before you go? And, for those of you who have beaten the game, what was your winning team? I like to hear what combinations work well for others—I tend to pick Pokémon based on whether or not I like their design. How do you pick yours?

NEXT TIME: 40 Days in the Desert and FerrisWheelShipping

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How to Get Zorua

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Before I even began playing this game, I decided I NEEDED to have Zorua/Zoroark. I found online that I could get it by transferring over my Celebi from SoulSilver. Good to know. However, as you guys probably know, you can’t transfer previous gen Pokémon until you get the National Dex, after beating the game.

But I heard rumors online that there was a special method you could use to transfer Celebi over before that. It’s kind of complicated, but I eventually figured it out and got my Zorua. There weren’t very good instructions anywhere online, so I’ve posted how I did it, with thanks to for the initial directions.


1. Go to Castelia City and run through it until you get near the exit. In the little stretch of road after the park but before the gate, there a couple houses you can enter. In one of them, there’s a man (a Scientist) who will ask you for a phrase.

2. Give him these words: EVERYONE HAPPY SIMPLE CONNECTION. Now you’ve unlocked the Pokémon Relocator. This can be used to transfer over promotional Pokémon (i.e. Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and Celebi).

3. Save your game and exit to the main screen (of the game, not your DS). There’s a new option called the Pokémon Relocator. Now you need to find a friend with a DS and give them your SoulSilver/HeartGold version with any of the three legendary dogs or Celebi (I’ve heard the dogs work, but I’ve only tried Celebi).

4. Have them click on the Download Play in the DS menu after you choose the Pokémon Relocator. This should transfer your Celebi.

5. Go to the Pokémon Center and receive the Pokémon from the messenger.

6. Find the building with the girl telling the story of Zorua to a boy. If you bring Celebi along, the boy will be revealed to be Zorua! Remember, you must have Celebi in your party, and you have to have a pokeball as well.

Hope that helps (and that it was more interesting and informational than Obama’s speech).

Next Time: Third Gym Battle: Or, Burgh’s Creepy Honeycomb Labyrinth

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